The Licktoad goblin tribe likes to think that it’s dominated Brinestump Marsh through fear and savagery, when in fact luck and a general lack of competition are more accurate reasons. As with every goblin tribe, each year, a new crop of baby goblins comes of age among the Licktoads. Dangerously hungry and mindless as infants, goblins babies spend their first years in a whelping cage. Here, they are subjected to the rule of survival, and those who want to grow up to join the tribe must dominate, overwhelm, and in many cases eat the weaker goblins they’re growing up with. Eventually, the survivors mature into the eager young monsters any goblin tribe can appreciate. Every goblin hails from these humble origins, from chieftains like Gutwad or Ripnugget to soon-to-be legendary goblin heroes like Chuffy, Mogmurch, Poog, and Reta. Goblin
tribes traditionally present every new generation with a battery of challenges to determine each whelp’s place in the tribe, and the Licktoads are no different in this regard. To ensure their warriors are fearless (or at least good liars), they dispatch every goblin whelp on a dangerous quest to catch a toad before they can claim names for themselves and become full-fledged goblins in the tribe’s eyes.


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